About Us

Based in Brashear, TX, Bulkley Trucking is a leading provider of refrigerated services. Boasting a top in
the industry CSA score and on-time delivery record, Bulkley Trucking has earned a reputation as a highly reliable, timely and professional carrier.

Specializing in time and temperature sensitive freight, Bulkley Trucking offers dedicated and full truckload services.

The pursuit of growth without compromising excellence is extremely important at Bulkley Trucking. For this reason Bulkley works hard to make sure we have all the elements in place for success, both for our company and that of our customers. At Bulkley Tucking we look forward to serving you and ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your freight.



    One of the most challenging obstacles teams face is how much time they are asked to be out on the road between home times. At Bulkley we value our team drivers and make sure they are home every week for a day or two.

    Not only is our home time great but our pay package and benefits are very competitive and our average miles/week are far above industry average enabling our teams to make in excess of 100 k a year without having to stay on the road for weeks at a time. Give us a call and find out for yourself why working at Bulkley is right for you.

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    Reefer and Trailer Service is a full service trailer and reefer shop. We offer 24 hour and roadside service. We are located at exit 116 on I 30 W in Brashear, TX.

    Reach us at: 903 582-2371


    Getting a CDL can be expensive and difficult. Not many people looking for a new career have five grand sitting around the house nor can they quit the job they have and go to Truck Driving School for five or six weeks. Even if you do as the “new guy” you can count on getting stuck on the road for 6 to eight weeks without coming home.

    At Bulkley we will pay you as you train and from the first time out you will be treated like the rest of our drivers…. You will be home every week. So if being a professional driver is what you want to do give us a call and get on the road to your new career.


    C B Truck Brokers specializes in refrigerated loads out of the Dallas - Sulphur Springs area in East Texas with most of our loads going to the Southeast and Mid-west. Our team of experienced and professional dispatchers are on call 24 hours a day. You can reach us at 903 582 2305 or 1 800 903 5007