Our History

Not adverse to hard work, Clint Bulkley was only nineteen years old when he bought his first truck.  With the help of some friends he learned how to drive and began to learn the business of trucking.  Although it was not an easy road, his determination to provide for his young family kept him rolling. 

God began to bless the Bulkley’s hard work.  The trucks began to multiply and the business outgrew the kitchen table and office space was rented.

In 1987 Bulkley Trucking was incorporated and since then has become a premium refrigerated carrier. Today Bulkley Trucking is in the top 4% of trucking companies in the U. S. and boasts top of the industry CSA scores in all 7 BASICS.
Bulkley Trucking has not moved far from its roots.  Providing quality jobs for those who have chosen to be a professional driver as a career path and offering exceptional customer service continue to be the driving forces of Bulkley Trucking.

Bulkley Trucking is strategically located east of Dallas on I 30 near Sulphur Spring, TX.




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