Driver of the Year 2017


Local transportation company, Bulkley Trucking honored it’s award recipients on Monday, March 27 with a company –wide BBQ cookout complete with all the fixins…A total of  $25,000 in bonuses were  awarded to the Long Haul Driver of the Year, Angie Mollett, Local Driver of the Year, Loren Lux, and two Million Mile Award recipients, Angie Mollett and Danny Haynes.

The three recipients have over 23 combined years with the company.  “Drivers are the backbone of the Company,” states Gary Stuart, Dispatch Manager, “and it is a pleasure to work with drivers like these who take pride in their work and see the benefits of sticking with Bulkley Trucking for the long haul.” 

Loren Lux, our local driver of the year, who is going to be 72 on his next birthday, has been promoted to Driver Coach.  He now works with drivers, teaching them the tricks of the trade he learned from his 42 years of trucking experience.  Since taking the position in February of 2017, the company has seen an improvement in fuel mileage company-wide and a renewed interest in driving for safety and profit as well as timeliness. When asked how he would spend his bonus, he quipped, “It’s going straight into the savings account for when I get old!” 

This is Angie Mollett’s second Driver of the Year award, she earned the honor in 2009 as well, and has also been featured as the company’s Spotlight Driver in a previous article on “Women in Trucking”.  By driving over a million miles for Bulkley Trucking, she now belongs to  a very small, elite group of drivers.  Angie plans to save part of her award money, and spend the rest on home improvements and buying a new pickup truck from Texas Country Ford in Winnsboro, TX.  When asked why she has been here so long, she said, “Because it’s Family!  Ya’ll treat me like family, and it’s the best company I’ve ever worked for.  I never have to wait for freight.”

Danny Haynes has been with the company over eleven years, and has fifteen years experience.  He came to Bulkley as his second driving job.  When asked why he stayed, he told a story about Clint Bulkley, the President and Founder of Bulkley Trucking.  Clint, Dispatch Manager at the time, sent Danny to Florida to deliver on one of his first runs, making sure he knew that if he was late for the delivery, it would be two days before he could get the load off.  As the reader would expect this story to go, Danny was late.  He called in to report his missed appointment, and Clint chewed him out for awhile, and then asked if he’d ever been to Disney World…Danny couldn’t believe that after he messed up the load, the owner of the company would be willing to let him spend those two extra days at Disney World…he turned down the offer, feeling too guilty to accept it,  and Clint got his appointment changed and got him unloaded the same day, but Danny never forgot the Grace that was given to him when he made a mistake.  Eleven years later, he is still driving for Bulkley.  Grinning ear to ear, he said that award money was going “straight in the bank.” 

These three drivers are just a few of the Professional, Quality drivers that make up the Bulkley Family.  Each and every one of them does his or her part to make their delivery on time, in good condition, and make the company and themselves the most profit for each mile driven.  These drivers and the other employees that work for Bulkley are what make the company successful.  To become a member of the Bulkley Family, visit or call the Human Resources office at (903) 582-2305 x224.



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